Misson & Vision

About Us

The founding members of the Knights Nurturing Foundation were formed in 2016 and officially became a non-profit organization in Hong Kong in 2023. Our vision is centered around "exploring the world; fulfill oneself", and we are delighted to serve the society in particular to children and teenagers. Regardless of one's race, background, or religion, we offer interdisciplinary learning and experiences to achieve the goal of broadening global horizons, enhancing the 4Cs, as well as fostering positive values and attitudes.

Through our diverse range of activities, we can help not only the children and teenagers to discover their strengths and interests, but also more importantly, to encourage them to recognize their uniqueness, lead to positive changes and to shape a different path for their life.

Misson & Vision

Our Mission
  • Organize and host various high-quality education projects focuses on sustainable development goals.

  • Gather community resources and offer subsidies for underprivileged students, enabling their continued education and personal development.

  • Collaborate with various education organizations to advance the development of local education projects.

Our Vision

Empower local students with equal opportunities to "explore the world; fulfil oneself". Not only provide students the right to choose and participate in diverse educational projects, but also promote global knowledge on sustainable development goals.

2024 Annual Plan

In addition to individual projects, we also offer courses and competitions for individuals teams and teams from schools. These competitions cover various interdisciplinary themes such as natural science, finance business, computational Thinking, innovation invention, space exploration, city planning, and design. These competitions are scheduled on specific days and spread across different months.