Individual Donations


Your generous donation can support the balanced physical and mental development of children and young people and promote the creation of a social environment conducive to children's growth, so that they can grow up healthily and happily. As a member, you can participate in various conference tasks:

  • Join the Planning Committee to help plan various types of fund-raising or public welfare activities;
  • Join the Executive Committee to help implement and promote the work of the Association;
  • You have the right to vote at a general meeting of members, and the right to compete and be elected as a director.

We expect you to do your best to attend our events and abide by the principles and bylaws of the Reishi Incubation Fund, as well as all current or future rules and guidelines passed by the Board of Directors.

Ways to donate

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Bank transfers
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Line cheques
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Cash deposit
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Donation Methods

  1. FPS Donations: You can use the FPS ID to make a local transfer service and deposit the donation to our dedicated account. FPS ID: 107187262
  2. Bank transfer: You can deposit funds into our exclusive account through the bank transfer service provided by the bank. Bank Transfer (BOCHK): 012-666-2-034-859-2
  3. Line Cheque: Please write “禮仕培育基金” or “Knights Nurturing Foundation Limited” on the front of the Cheque and mail it to: (Flat D ,26/F Plaza 88 No88, Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan, NT) Please write your name and contact number on the back of the cheque.
  4. Cash Deposit: You can deposit your donation directly into Knights Nurturing Foundation account. For donation receipts (donations of HK$100 or more), please send us a copy of the bank receipt (bank receipt, cashier bill or online bank transfer record, etc.) by email ( or post (Flat D ,26/F Plaza 88 No88, Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan, NT), and indicate the payment or donation item (if applicable), your name and contact number in the email/postal letter for follow-up.